December 5-9 2019

Cultura, amor y historia

This once in a lifetime trip to Cuba will be one not to miss. You will experience Cuba through all of your senses but most importantly through your hearing as music follows you everywhere in Cuba. You will get to visit not one but TWO major Cuban cities that will take your breath away.




Day 1

Havana hmm nana, yes you have finally made it and you are ready to discover this mesmerizing Caribbean island. Upon your arrival our premium transportation service will whisk you away to your fabulous accommodation in Havana where you will check-in, settle in and relax and get ready to attend our welcome dinner full of amazing Cuban dishes and drinks. After indulging in your lutious dinner, prepare for a night of fun as we stroll through the city in the most beautiful vintage cars!



Today is a day of learning and discovery. After your tropical breakfast, join us on a historical tour of the city, we will visit museums, the famous bars, have a rum tasting, and dance salsa till we drop. You will learn more about the Cuban revolution and much more. Later that afternoon, join us in a first class Cuban rum tasting and tour where you will learn about the rum making process and taste. It wouldn’t be a great Cuba trip if you didn’t dance some Salsa, join us in this energizing Salsa class with our amazing instructor and dance the afternoon away!


Day 3

Rise and shine, today will be one of your most memorable day in Cuba. This day is full of adventures and exploration. Upon enjoying your breakfast, we will escape to the country side of Cuba where the air is fresher and the colors are brighter. Upon arrival, you will visit a tobacco farm where you will learn the process of making Cuban cigars. Then hop on your favorite horse of choice and ride your way through the valleys and the farms of this beautiful city, then you will be taken to the hidden caves. You will have the afternoon to visit the town and do as you please. Then we will return back to Havana where the night will be young and the possibilities endless.


Day 4

Vamos a la playa! Come discover Cuba's crystal clear waters that will have you believe you are in a pool but you are not. Pull out your phone and camera or better yet let our professional photographer take the most breath taking shot of you. this will definitely make your friends back home jealous! Immerse yourself and all senses in a seafood combo culinary treat on us. The afternoon is yours to do as you please as this will be your last day in Havana, take advantage of that.



Today is the sad day, because it is the day that we return home. Enjoy your last full course breakfast on us. Our personal drivers will take you to the airport. We hope you've enjoyed your stay and learning experience in Cuba and look forward to seeing you soon.

Pricing- Payments- disclaimer- Important info

5 days 4 nights accommodation

All breakfasts, and  1 Welcome dinner (alcohol not included)

Roundtrip Airport shuttle transportation

All excursions listed in Itinerary

Personal Professional Photographer (your very own photoshoot)

Roundtrip Transportation to day trips

All listed excursions entrance fee

Personalized service and access to our team

A local english speaking cuban guide in addition to Kultured Travels  staff.

Accommodation is in a shared room with one other person. We also have a small number of private rooms. You can submit a select that option when registering.


Roundtrip Flight to Jose Marti Airport in Havana, Cuba

Mandatory Travel Insurance

Cuban Visa (*$50-100 can be purchased at Airline counter*)

Non listed excursions

Alcoholic Beverages and tips 

Room Service



Double Occupancy (you will have a roommate)  - $1,650 (if paid in full) 

Single Occupancy (you have your own room) - $1,750 (if paid in full) 

all prices listed are **per person**

**DISCLAIMER & Trip rules**



  • You are open-minded

  • You enjoy eating, walking and off-the-beaten-path ideas.

  • You love to have a great time and are open to meeting others and accept the different personalities you will encounter.


  • You have a tendency to bring first world expectations with you everywhere.

  • You have a tendency to be negative or dramatic or are just plain depressing to be around.

  • You're not into trying new things or stepping outside of your comfort zone.

  • You don’t like Cuban food. That is what we’ll be eating. Every day.

  • You have very specific and particular travel preferences and tend to criticize everything around you.

  • You can’t easily walk up stairs. If you find walking tough, then this trip isn’t suited to you.

  • You are looking for luxury. Cuban standards are not the same as it is in the U.S keep an open mind and you will have a great time!


  • No disrespectful behaviors or any form of abuse towards Kultured Travels staff or other travelers will be tolerated in any way shape or form

  • Respect the property that we stay in like it was your own

  • If you break something be prepared to pay the replacement fee

  • Understand that room service is not included in the package

  • Understand that if you miss the airport pickup by Kultured Travels that you become responsible for your transportation from Airport to the Hotel/House

**important information**

Americans or people flying from U.S.A to Cuba that are not Cuban needs to have a reason to go to Cuba and need a CUBAN VISA. When booking your flight, we recommend that you pick "Supporting the Cuban people" as your reason. You will be buying from local businesses, learn about the country and tip your guides and local staff.

Your Cuban Visa is mandatory and is not included in this package, it can be purchased at the airport or your chosen airline, keep in mind that not all airlines charge the same price for Cuban visas, if flying from Florida, we highly recommend flying with Jetblue.

Plan to arrive between 11 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. local time (EST) We will come to pick you up and drive you to where you will be lodging.

Please make sure that you will arrive in terminal 3, the terminals in Cuba are not close to each other and not walk-able, do your best to pick a flight arriving to terminal 3 if not, let us know ASAP so we know where to pick you up from.

All additional information will be provided via email. Please email us at 



Please book your flight to Jose Martí International airport (HAV) located in Havana, Cuba and  be sure to arrive between 11am and 3pm.


Rooms are double occupancy with 2 beds (unless selected otherwise). If you don't already have a roommate, you will be paired with one. Your water pressure might not be like what you're used to, BRING POTENT INSECT REPELLENT and leave all first world expectations behind and you will have a fabulous time!

All activities and meals are done as a group, choosing to opt out of an activity or group dinner, you automatically become responsible for your own expenses.


Please budget approximately $30 to leave as tips, it is a recommendation, not an obligation but keep in mind that the people on the ground work very hard to make your experience unforgettable. All gratuity funds will be collected after the welcome dinner the first day of the trip.


Your bank card will not be accepted anywhere in Cuba. Please bring cash for all personal expenses. Upon arrival your foreign cash will be converted into the local currency which is the CUC ( Cuban Convertible Pesos) The Cuban currency can only be purchased in Cuba so bring all of the cash that you think you are going to need.


Please understand that we will be in Cuba and we will be consuming Cuban food and breakfast will not be your typical American breakfast. Please mention all known allergies when booking your package.


This trip involves strenuous activities that may be difficult for some, (riding horses in Viñales, lots of walking, salsa dancing etc..). Please decide and plan accordingly. We are riding horses in Viñales, but if you do not want your horse, walking is the alternative and it’s a long walk ( 1 hour each way) .


Please review the booking terms and frequently asked questions section before booking a package.