Rome & Florence

June 13 - 19, 2019


This 2019 summer Kultured Travels is taking the culinary experience to another level with the Italy tour stopping in Rome and Florence. Through this long week trip, you will experience highlights from both cities and immerse yourself in gastronomical heaven. Whether learning how to make pasta from scratch or wine tasting in Tuscany, lose yourself through a gelato stop or buy real leather from an Italian boutique, we will be doing it all. This is an experience you will not want to miss.



Day 1

Welcome to Rome, you’ve made it after a long journey. Please arrive by 3:00 p.m. local time. Upon arrival, a Kultured Travels staff will pick you up and escort you to our excellent accommodation. Check-in, relax and get ready for our welcome dinner, attire is dress to impress as our photographer will document the entire evening. At the welcome dinner, you will get a taste of what this culinary journey will be about through a 3-course Italian meal.


Day 2

Today will be a day to remember. Eat a light breakfast at the hotel or skip breakfast altogether as we will embark on a full day of Italian food tastings and recipe learning. Our vibrant food guide will walk you through the city as we visit the best shops, food market, restaurants, coffee shops, pizzerias, and many more. You will definitely end this day with a full stomach and a smile on your face.


day 3

Rome is known for its rich history, legends, and tales. Today is the day you’ll get to experience this city and its ancient ruins from a historical perspective. You will visit the Vatican, Colosseum, Trevi fountain and much more. You will walk a lot today so plan to be comfortable and get ready to learn.


day 4

Today is the day that we depart to the beautiful artistic city of Florence. Enjoy a tasty breakfast in the morning at the hotel, checkout and prepare yourself for the journey. Upon arrival in Florence, we will check-in and go shopping at the Ponte Vecchio. Later that afternoon we will also visit one of Florence’s most beautiful garden.


day 5

Today is the day that will make your friends back home jealous the most. After enjoying a wonderful breakfast, we will visit a vineyard in Tuscany and explore Italy’s most prestigious wine producing countryside. We will learn about the different types of Italian wines, tour the vineyard and see the different types of grapes used as well as how these wines are produced in the winery. Later we will also learn how to pair different wines with different meals. After today, you will walk away with knowledge about wine that you can use for the rest of your life. That afternoon we will hike to one of the many famous plazas in Florence to oversee the city.


dAY 6

Enjoy your breakfast at the hotel and explore some fascinating monuments and historical places in Florence before we depart for Rome. Upon arrival in Rome, you will have the afternoon to do as you please. Take advantage of this opportunity as that would be your last evening in Italy. Indulge in as much gelato as you can.


day 7

Today is a sad day. Today is the day we return home. Please book your return to depart between 7 am and 12 pm local time. Enjoy a great breakfast Italian style. We hope you had a wonderful time and walked away with wonderful memories, new friends and much more. We wish you a safe return, and hope to have you on a future tour.


All ground transportations

Airport shuttle transfers from/to (Fiumicino) airport in Rome

7 Days 6 nights at a beautiful hotel overlooking the city

Multi lingual guides speaking (French, English, Creole)

Unlimited breakfast, 1 lunch and 1 dinner

Food Tours

Pasta Making Class

Professional photographer on board for HD quality photos (Bring your best outfits)

Wine tasting & Vineyard visit

All listed activities entrance fees

Visit of the Vatican and many historical places

Transportation to/from Florence

Free Wifi at all accommodations


International Flight from Home country to Rome, Italy

MANDATORY Intl/Travel medical insurance ( Buy Here )

Passport & Visa fees (If Applicable)

Tips and gratuities to resort staffs

Some lunches and dinners

Additional tours and excursions not included package


Double Occupancy (you will have a roommate)  - $1,850 (if paid in full) 

Double Occupancy (you will have a roommate)  - $1,875 (if paid in portions deposit + 5 payments) Last Payment due 5/01/2019.

Single Occupancy (you have your own room) - $2,000 (if paid in full) 

Single Occupancy (you have your own room) - $2,075 (if paid in portions deposit + 5 payments ) Last Payment due 5/01/2019.



Understand that Italy is a European country and standards are not the same as the USA.


  • You are open-minded 

  • You enjoy eating, walking and off-the-beaten-path ideas. 

  • You love to have a great time and are open to meeting others and accept the different personalities you will encounter.


  • You have a tendency to bring first world expectations with you everywhere.

  • You have a tendency to be negative or dramatic or are just plain depressing to be around.

  • You're not into trying new things or stepping outside of your comfort zone.

  • You don’t like Italian food. That is what we’ll be eating. Every day. 

  • You have very specific and particular travel preferences and tend to criticize everything around you.

  • You can’t easily walk up stairs. If you find walking tough, then this trip isn’t suited to you.

  • You are looking for luxury. Italian standards are not the same as it is in the U.S keep an open mind and you will have a great time!

Important Information



There are two airports in Rome (Fiumicino and Ciampino) Please book your flight to Rome (Fiumicino) airport, if you book Campino, you will be responsible for your transportation to the hotel/airport.

The tour is during the summer so flight to Italy is likely to get expensive, book as early as you can to save more. If you do not have a US passport and need an Italian or Schengen visa, please handle as soon as you can to avoid visa rejections and wasted funds because we do not provide refunds. Plan to arrive between 11 am and 3pm local time.


We will consume a variety of Italian dishes from the Italian cuisine. Meals are not provided every day, so you are free to eat other dishes in non-group meal activities. The Italian cuisine consists of a lot of carbohydrates and meat product; they do, however, have great vegetarian options as well. We will also consume a lot of wine.

*When ordering at a restaurant know that water is not free (tap or bottle). Also, sparkling water is very common, if you do not want it, be sure it to ask for “still water” instead.

Physical activities

This tour involves a lot of walking and sometimes hiking, please ensure that you are physically able to participate in those activities without complaint, if not then this may not be the best trip for you.


Italy utilizes the Euro as its currency, most places do take cards, however, to use your card you will need to set travel notices with your bank account and also know that you will be charged an international transaction fee for every card purchase.

The best recommendation would be to exchange from your local bank or currency exchange office in your city and bring the amount of Euros that you feel you will need.


Please review the booking terms and frequently asked questions section before booking a package.