What our travelers had to say!


"I went on the Haiti trip back in April and it was super fun! The hotels were BOMB I was actually really surprised because they were 5 star quality. Love the people on my trip and we’re still in contact. If your thinking about going DO IT!"

- Esther

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"What an experience Kultured Travels provides! I have been able to go on 2 trips so far with the company (Haiti & Cuba). I am always amazed as to the activities, hotel stays, food and CULTURE experiences they provide for their customers. One of kind experience, being able to be informed about the history of the locations and feeling like you're on vacation at the same time is something I believe they've excelled at. Looking forward to the next one!"



I went on the Haiti trip in April & Kultured Travel provided a completely balanced experience. There was exposure to history & culture, relaxation on a private island, amazing food, wonderful accommodations, and wonderful lively people. It was money well spent! There were so many highlights and it was great to enjoy a well curated trip with a gracious host and well informed guides. I learned so much about subjects I already thought I was well versed on. 

The hotel in Cap Haitien was amazing. As was the food! Ile a Rat aka Amiga Island was breath taking and serene. It was also great to be able to travel with complete strangers who ended up becoming friends!


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I had the opportunity of traveling with Kultured Travels for there first trip to Haiti. It was such an awesome experience, where I was able to learn the history of Haiti and also take in the beauty that isn't shown to the world. The Accommodation at Satama Hotel was magnificent. It was such a beautiful hotel. its fairly knew but I can already see how huge and successful that hotel will become. I only knew one person from the group, but I must say everyone was friendly, we got along so well that we were able to start communicating by just looking at one another. My favorite parts were visiting Palais San-Soucis, and the Citadelle.. It was so much culture and information I had no idea about...

The food Oh The food was absolutely AMAZING!!! Kabrittttttttt is all you heard from me when it was time to eat. I must commend the Creator Sabrina for creating such an inclusive and safe travel experience. I highly suggest giving Kultured Travels, this definitely won't be my last. If you have friends that never want to travel with you, this is the tour guide for you, forget your flakey friends and go TRAVEL!!!.. Life is way too short.

- Ty