Antarctica + Argentina

Buenos Aires - Ushuaia - Antarctica

FEBRUARY 19 - MARCH 2, 2025

Embark on the experience of a lifetime with our breathtaking journey to Antarctica, a voyage that transcends ordinary travel. This is your chance to explore the untouched splendor of the Earth's most enigmatic continent. As you navigate through a world of towering icebergs and pristine snowscapes, each view unveils a spectacle that few have witnessed. Encounter the majestic wildlife of this frozen paradise, from playful seals to awe-inspiring whales, in their untouched habitat. This isn't just a trip; it's the ultimate adventure in one of the world's most exclusive destinations. Picture yourself under the surreal Southern Lights, gathering stories and memories that are uniquely yours to cherish. Venture into an endless expanse of white, where your footsteps mark a bold journey into the unknown. Join us on this extraordinary expedition to Antarctica, an unparalleled adventure that promises to be an unforgettable and once-in-a-lifetime experience.



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Sale price$16,750.00
Room Type: EXPLORER SUITE (Double Occupancy)

New Luxury Ship

Equipped with two twin-engine helicopters, The luxury ship offers the most robust portfolio of adventure activities in the industry, the most spacious suites in its category, breathtaking public spaces, and more outdoor wildlife viewing spaces than other expedition ships its size. It also features an innovative mix of sustainability features that exceed all industry standards.